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Can be re-steeped for up to 3 times

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Lady Grey | Light, Citrusy
A delicate blend of black teas, bergamot & lingering rose flower  8


Milky Way | Toasty, Milk taste, Silky
A smooth, lingering & silky blend of oolong with coconut & pandan  8


Moonlight | Fruity, Sweet, Calming
A comforting blend of oolong with soothing lavender, butterfly pea & blueberry  8


Merry Blossom | Floral, Sweet, Mellow
A classic fruity & floral blend of black teas with soothing lavender, chamomile, jasmine & elderflower  8


Pink Royale | Rosy, Floral, Light
A blend of green tea with hibiscus blossoms, rose petals & rosehips  8


White Fairy| Grape, Floral, Light
Magical Sweetness from the blend of green tea with white grape & osmanthus  8


Peppermint | Energizing, Fresh (Caffeine-free)
Classic blend/helps to digestion and refreshes the mind  6


Chamomile | Soothing, Herbal (Caffeine-free)
Classic blend / helps soothe and calms the mind  6


Houjicha Karigane | Roasted Green Tea
Toasty, Nutty (Low in caffeine)  7


Assam Breakfast | Black Tea
Strong, Malty  7


Imperial Lychee | Black Tea
Sweet Floral  7


First Flush Darjeeling (Spring)| Black Tea
Light, Balanced  10


Second Flush (Summer) | Black Tea
Full-bodied, Bold  9

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