Columbia Quindío (White Wine Extended Fermentation)


Eden Gardens| White Wine Extended Fermentation (200g)

Flavour notes: Peckam pear, Red Grapes, chardonnay, chocolate liqueur and caramel


Producer: Felipe Arcila, Cofinet

Process : White Wine Extended Fermentation

Varietal: Castillo

Altitude: 1,760 to 2,050 MASL

Score: 88+pts


A fruit forward microlot with wine-like acidity and lingering sweet chocolate liqueur nuances. The variety is a humble Castillo, but it went through an innovative processing method called White wine extended fermentation where the coffee is twice fermented for 110hrs in total producing a sweet, complex and dynamic cup. This technique is used in wine processing.


Eden Gardens or Jardine del eden is the first farm purchased by Carlos and Felipe Arcila of Cofinet, it is one of the highest altitude farms in the region suitable for growing high-end varietals.




Filter: 1:16 (90-92 Deg C)

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